88. This couch is a small antecouch before two titanic bronze doors. Each stands 20 feet tall and is about 7 feet wide. The double doors are peaked at their centers, but unlike many sets of double doors, their division isn't in the center. Instead, the crack between the doors resembles a crooked bolt of lightning, which a figure in a cloud carved in the stone above the door appears to be hurling. The lightning bolt strikes down roughly 2 feet to the right of center. The figure in the clouds is deliberately indistinct, but it appears male, having a beard and male proportions. The stroke of bronze electricity hits a tower that seems small compared to the figure. This tower cracks down the center, continuing the gap between the doors until it reaches the ground. To either side of the tower lie pastoral scenes of hillsides dotted with sheep. There doesn't appear to be a lock or handles.